Compar and Contrast Essay

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Compare And Contrast Essay Literary works can be similar in terms of themes, styles and form. In the case of poems and short stories, use of metaphors and imagery make two literary works similar or different. Comparing poems and short stories make literature a very interesting topic.”Daddy”by Sylvia Plath and”As I Lay Dying”by William Faulkner are two literary works with the main theme of death in which imagery, metaphors among other stylistic devices have been employed to show how different people view death. Even though”Daddy”is a poem while”As I Lay Dying”is a short story, both of them are explaining different ways of dealing with death as evidenced in the characters. The poem is in form of narration done by the author describing the kind of relationship she had with her father before his death. After her father’s death, she almost killed herself, but as she says, “they pulled me out of the sack, and they stuck me together with glue”. In order to keep the memories of her father, she moved in with “A man in black with a Mein kampf look”to have a father figure in the house. However, her husband betrays her and as a result, she is forced to hate all men and in fact kill them. Similarly, the short story is discussing death as Addie Bundren is very ill and instead of her children fearing for her death, Cash, her oldest son, has dedicated all his carpentry skills in making a coffin. Even though the woman has been extremely ill and her death is expected, Vardaman, one of her sons, does not accept her mother’s death and as a result, he makes holes at the top of the coffin. This is evidence that death is not acceptable although inevitable (Waisala, 1996). Imagery is used in both literary works although with different meanings. The narrator in the poem uses the image of her husband to keep her father’s memories, as she does not accept the fact that her father
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