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Company Motivational Profile Paper PSY/320 June 9th, 2014 Company Motivational Profile Paper Introduction The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923 by Walter Disney (Sanders, n.d.). It is one of the most prominent known companies in all the world. The Walt Disney Company credits its success story to its people. Motivation is the one explanation that makes this company different from others. The motivation factor began at the very beginning of this company when Walt Disney and his brother began making cartoons. Although, the beginning fostered rough times, Walt Disney did not give up. He stayed motivated and eventually created a character that not only saved The Walt Disney Company but became a popular and successful icon, known as Mickey Mouse (Sanders, n.d.). Decision Making Strategies Nine decision-making strategies were implemented by Disney for his company. 1. “Make Everyone’s Dream Come True.” Walt Disney’s dream was to ensure that children and adults could stay young at heart forever. He envisioned a place where everyone’s dream could come true, no matter how big or small. 2. “You Better Believe It.” Disney wanted every employee to believe that their ideas were important. No idea was wrong or right. 3. “Never a Customer, Always a Guest.” Every Disney facility treats and refers to each patron as a “guest.” 4. “All for One and One for All.” Disney had the opinion that when everyone worked together, all things were possible. 5. “Share the Spotlight,” Disney envisioned for all his employees to work together with other companies making "one dream come true". 6. “Dare to Dare.” Disney expected all employees to take risks, whether big or small. 7. “Practice, Practice, Practice.” Disney ensured all his employees receive appropriate and continuous training. Each employee learned the beliefs and core values of The Disney Company. 8. “Make Your

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