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Statement/Purpose: The purpose of our company is to offer a full range of inspections that will determine the course of action to restore our client's home to its once natural beauty and to be ready for the next future resident. Such inspections can be for mortgage, banking, commercial and residential property, construction and insurance industries. Our client's can be banks, and asset managing companies that are associated with banks. We offer services next to none. We offer various services that our competition might not include such as lawn cuts, dry wall repair, roofing repair, carpet treatment or replacement, clean out's and so on. Our goal is to offer these services through the nation to states that have been hit the hardest with foreclosures and to restore these homes so they can be resold. How it will work: Our business stands out among all our competition because we will be using modern communication like to internet to talk with future clients and contractors. We will be using a internet based web program that will have our clients sign in and upload work orders and have our staff communicate with the contractors to get the job done. The web based program will also include updated charting and customized reporting to help manage orders and keep track of everything. Another great thing that stands out is that we can not only work in our own state or county but can work throughout the nation. We will have an inspector to venture over to the clients property and do an estimate on the damage that has been done and what needs to be repaired. After they have filled out a report they will take numerous photo's to ensure our protection from potential legal issues. The inspector will then upload the report and pictures onto our web based program. After that process we will have one of our many contractors who we call field rep's who will perform the

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