Companionship Essay

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818 words 1)Develop an essay in which you offer a favourable review of Life of Pi by exploring the author’s use of techniques and devices. Incorporate a relevant discussion of at least one major theme in the novel. Companionship is something humans search for throughout their lives. Finding a companion is an important thing to achieve because a companion gives a person physical and emotional support. The need for companionship is an important theme in the novel Life of Pi. The main protagonist, Pi Patel, does not find human companionship on the Pacific Ocean. Instead, he meets his need for companionship by using his imagination to bring Richard Parker to life. Richard Parker is a Royal Bengal Tiger that stays with pi during his journey across the Pacific Ocean. The author, Yann Martel effectively uses characterization, setting and personification to show that human being require companionship for their very survival. Characterization shows how crucial companionship is to a human life. Pi Patel and Richard Parker’s character’s are very different because of their need to be with another person, but they become companion for each other. Pi is a sixteen years old boy growing up in Pondicherry, India. From a young age, he loves animals and fascinated by religious. On the other hand, Richard parker is a 450 pound adult male Tiger. He was taken to the Pondicherry Zoo when he was cub. He is fierce and strong : “ Between my feet, under the bench, I beheld Richard Parker’s head. It was gigantic. It looked the size of the planet Jupiter to my daze senses. His paws were like volume of Encyclopaedia Britannica”(146). Even though, they have nothing in common while they are on the lifeboat, the boy and tiger build a relationship. Pi begins to consider Richard Parker a companion. Taking care of Richard Parker gives Pi a reason to live. He would not have to fight to get
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