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Hieu Tran English 101/Section 1 September 18, 2014 Essay #1 Always Appreciate My childhood was not very pleasant compared to others. I was born in the Bronx, New York, Raised by parents who were legal immigrants and were struggling with the English language. Inside of a disorderly, congested, cockroach infested, one bedroom apartment with a total of six family members. Our tiny cramped apartment housed six and was not typical; our living room had beds as opposed to couches. Very unorthodox I know, but we were poor! Although I didn’t know it at the time, we were on public assistance. Just like Sherman Alexie “We lived on a combination of irregular paychecks, hope, fear, and government surplus food” (11). Growing up I always felt that I was different then the other children. They seemed to think likewise as I was bullied very often. Not only that but school and the work that accompanied it were always challenging to me. I had severe difficulty with the English language and so I was placed into ESL classes for as long as my memory stretches. I never understood why I was escorted to a different classroom every day. Luckily my English finally seemed adequate enough by the time I reached grade five. Why was it that lengthy you may ask? It’s because I struggled, just like everything else in my complex life. All of this seems unpleasant but this was my life and this aspect of life was the only kind I was exposed to at the time. It seemed normal to me; I thought this was how life was supposed to be. I lived within the bustling, energized, multi-national, urban concrete jungle that is New York. In time I experienced a drastic change in my life. Every night my father would make us do the chores as he prepared dinner at around six o clock. We would place newspapers on the barren ground by the kitchen and set the silverware and plates on top of it. We would sit on the

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