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Both text A and text B deal with the issue of the young generation from the late 60´s leaving home. These passages analyze a common topic of those times, when adolescents often felt disoriented and confused, from the young generation´s point of view. Although they have different arguments, both main characters want their parents to let them go to live their own lives. Text A, “Little Johnny´s Final Letter”, is a poem in form of a letter as we can observe from its opening: “Mother,”. Instead, text B, “She´s Leaving Home”, is the lyric of a song composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. As it can be understand from the texts, although the two pieces of writing deal with the same matter, they have different purposes and a common audience. Even though it can be argued that the audience of text A is both parents and teenagers, we can highlight that it tries to reassure parents that their son´s departure is part of a life cycle of growth and maturity: “I´ve decided to stay alive, don´t search the woods, I´m not hiding”. Alternatively, text 2 attempts to make parents realize a more sad perspective; that all children will eventually leave home no matter how good they think they are to them: “Never a thought for ourselves”. As regards the narrator, in text A we can recognize a first singular person narrator who places himself under “Little Johnny´s” point of view so that the reader can feel empathy: “I won´t be home this evening”. As we can recognize, his decisiveness is present from the first verse. We can observe that Johnny has a caring attitude towards his mother through the repetition of the negative imperative “Don´t” along the whole poem: “Don´t worry; don´t hurry to report me missing.” The previous quote conveys his determination towards his decision. Oppositely, text B presents a third person omniscient narrator who describes the situation from two

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