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Comp 110 Answers Essay

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Question: 1 How do these websites help the company strengthen its relationships with its stakeholders? List the website(s) that you previewed and give examples to support your answers. Who are the stakeholders that the company serves in your examples?
Your By having a professionally designed, and intelligently structured website, Answer: any publicly traded company tries to send a message to the stake holder stating: "We are all about business and making as much money as possible for us, henceforth, for you.". If you can hear the Nike website telling you just that, after you browse through it, then indeed they have succeeded in strengthening the ties with the public, while stakeholders must only care how public perceives the company, also, stakeholders are a part of the public. Reebok, in terms of their products, is not entirely different from Nike. Reebok is involved in the design and marketing of both athletic and non-athletic footwear and apparel, as well as other various fitness projects. "To be the world's leading sports and fitness company." Nikes mission statement resembles a vision statement and is therefore a weakness. While the mission does broadly identify the business we are in, namely the sports and fitness industry, it is not specific as to what products and services we provide. The mission statement also omits any mention of distribution channels and customers. It does, however, portray managements beliefs and values of our desire to be number one and maintain the leading position in the sports and fitness shoe and apparel industry.

2 Question: How can a companys website reflect its market segments and target market? What are the . characteristics of the target market from the website you reviewed?
Your Nike.com has the best individual players in their position in their sport on Answer: the site. That targets majority sports fans and children. We see the best player on the site and they are more apt or prone to buy or wear anything that that...

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