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Composition 1 To whom it may concern, I am a customer who has received very poor service from Red Robins. The waiter is very nice, and polite up until the point he decided to talk to his co-workers and forget about my table. I was drinking a beer, and ordered a Jalapeño burger. The waiter had come to my table three times. Once to greet us and give us time to think about our order. A second time to take our orders, and third time, to bring us our drinks and food. I drank my beer rather swiftly. The waiter was sitting by the entrance, chatting up a storm with his co-workers, for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat my hamburger because it was spicy, and I had nothing to wash my food down with. I was rather upset. He finally came, as I waved him down. He asked if everything was alright. I said “yes”, just to be polite, and ordered another drink. 20 minutes pass by, and still no drink. He came up to my table to check up on our table. He said “Oh I forgot about your beer, sorry.” I said “Apology accepted.” He then went to the bar to get my drink, while he was at the bar he decided to talk to the bartender for 15 minutes. So at this point, it’s been over an hour and I still haven’t received my drink. At this point I got ahold of a different waiter, and asked him if I can get another beer. That same waiter gave my beer. 3 minutes later the original waiter has showed up with my beverage, and said “Oh, you have a beer?” I replied with “Yes, you were talking to the bartender for 20 minutes with my beer, so I asked someone else to get one for me.” The waiter had a very displeased look on his face and said “Sorry.” In such a tone, that it wasn’t meant, it was more so said in an F me sort of tone. So in my experience of coming here, I will no longer be returning, and neither will my friends or family. You can thank your Employee. Best

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