Community Service Synthesis Essay

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Community Service Communities are as strong as the people who make them up. Without members of a community pitching in to make it a better place, it will come crashing down to the ground. For some reason most kids of today are not interested in volunteer work. They’d rather play video games or update their Facebook status all day instead of picking up trash at a park or spending time with elders at the local nursing home. Have they all just become dangerously lazy? Is it something in the water? Are the schools to blame? It’s a good thing students are forced to do a minimum amount of community service hours in order to graduate otherwise many students wouldn’t gain a sense of civic responsibility or build lifelong habits of helping others. Teenagers of America are obsessed with social networking sites and online gaming. Literally right this second thousands of little kids are becoming obese from little to no physical activity in their daily lives. Parents aren’t helping the matter either, whether it’s because they’re uninformed or they just don’t care about getting their children involved; they aren’t doing their jobs as parents of America. This is not teaching their children to grow up to be incredible leaders of our country. According to source A, “Community Service embodies experiential learning, locating a moral center, community health, because it is about empowerment and making the world a better place…” Yet, each day kids are becoming lazier and lazier because they don’t understand the importance of volunteer work and community service. If parents aren’t fulfilling their duties and teaching their children about respect and responsibility, then who is? Recently, in the past several years, it has become mandatory for teenagers all across America to complete a certain number of community service hours in order to graduate. Now is this a good thing or is this
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