Community Service Project-Caring For Caregivers Essay

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Community Service Project-Caring for the Caregiver Kathleen O’Brien WSSU Cancer is one of the most frightening medical diagnoses in the world and it has touched everyone’s life in one way or another. Cancer is a life changer. Cancer is the curve ball you never expect to have thrown at you. Cancer is like taking sky diving lessons without a parachute. Cancer affects every single area of a patient’s life. Cancer is unpredictable and there is not always a clear road map for how to navigate the land of cancer. My community service project has been somewhat unpredictable as well. Certainly not as devastating as cancer, but it has thrown curve balls I did not expect. And like cancer as well as in life, it is best to hit the pitch thrown at you. My original plan was to work in a free medical clinic in my community. I have a passion for the underserved population. This is in part due to my upbringing, (I remember using the public health department for health care as a child), part due to my moral convictions and part due to my social conscious. However, circumstances beyond my control prevented me from participating in the original plan. The second pitch was a strike as well. I had intended to work at the Shepherd’s Center but that plan failed as well. So, in the top of the ninth, with the count 0-2 and no one on base, I contacted Cancer Support Services. My reluctance is contacting Cancer Support Services was due in part to my work experience as a hospice nurse. I really wanted to volunteer at agency that was less emotionally taxing. And in my arrogance, I also believed that I really could not learn anything new. Pride always goes before the fall and we should never limit ourselves to a single view or limit our learning by stereotyping. After a phone call I met with Pat Dechatelet, MA Ed, LPC, Associate Director of Cancer

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