Community Service Essay

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Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen and my fellow debaters. Today I am here to address an important issue. Should 18 years be forced to do a mandatory of 30 hours of community service. There are numerous reasons why I can easily say that teens should not be forced to do a mandatory 30 hours of community service. 18 year olds are at crux of their growth, they have little to no time and are handling copious amounts of stress, to force them to work around a issue they do care about, is just wrong in my opinion. Can you imagine going to High school and after finishing hours of HW, sports practice and house chores to then be forced to go do community service? Modern teenagers are very busy in today's world, SATs, the stress of looking for a job or going to college all these worries manifest within them and to put additional stress on them and telling them that absolutely they have to do community service would not help them. According to NBCNews and a survey taken by the American Psychological Association teens on an average are MORE stressed than adults. 18-year olds barely have any time and are under gargantuan amounts of stress, forcing them to do community service will hurt their general well being. I agree with my opponent, Community Service is a great thing if done from the heart. But, forcing careless teenagers to work around an issue they do not care about is not going to help the community rather their sloppy and negligent work may do the exact opposite. Community service is supposed to be voluntary and if a person volunteers to do community service that is all fine and well but forcing students to do something that they do not care about nor want to do will not help anyone. Community service should come from the heart, it shouldn't be forced. In conclusion, 18-year old teens should not be forced to do mandatory community service. Teens are
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