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D Band Liana Davidova Synthesis Essay: Introduction & Confirmation We all live in a world where for some people service is the key to success. On the other hand for other people it is a burden to give a helping hand. I strongly believe that as students we all should participate in community service without any hesitations. In spite of the fact that students in this generation suppose that community service is a waste of time, at the end of the day those students will realize how life changing community service can really be. The Dalton School, The Detroit News, and Bahrampour are extravagant sources that give reasons to why community service serves a good deed. These three sources will make us all understand that if community service is mandated children will grow up to be very successful. I believe that community service is indispensable in not only Edward R. Murrow but in all schools of every age. We need to worry about how many wonderful things we can achieve in life instead of stressing the unimportant matters. In this world that we live in, the most substantial idea is that it is better to get than to give. We rely on powerful individuals to give a helping hand such as the government but then what responsibility is left upon us? According to Source 2 (The Dalton School), community service helps us recognize the distinction between empathy and responsibility. Depending on your community service task you will undergo many different forms of responsibilities that are very imperative. As stated in source 2 community service is prominent for survival, a moral center, personal supplementation, and for the community. If tons of students participate in community service we will have a very hale and hearty society. The students who contribute to this will be seen as heroes due to the fact that students are helping the community without getting

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