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Community service paper Through my endeavors of working at the Forest Hills Recreational center, my intentions of getting to know other people was an experience that one would call hard to do. Through what I have learned about my community is, to give back to those who give to me or simply just to do something nice for someone else without being paid to do. Community service to me is what I would do to help my peers and community enjoy themselves at the cost of making them as well as my self, feel good that someone went out of their way to make their experience(s) fun and enjoyable. I have gotten to know a whole better me in how I act towards different people and what I say to them. To me I think this shows an incredible charisma in how a person can change. I have learned that people do have a good side to them; you just have to try to bring the best out in them. You know what they say, "It Doesn't Hurt To Try." Even though I don't know what the future has in store for me, I know that the community will have a home for me. If it being that I am destined to do something that some else tells me to do, but I will not sit back and let other people tell me what I should do with my life. I am a sensible young man capable of making decisions on my own. Although I have yet to explore a career opportunity connected to community service, I know there will always be a place where I can go to. The most rewarding part of the whole community service out look is seeing the look on some ones face that you went out of your way to do something nice for him/her. My personal reflections were out of respect and gratitude towards my

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