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The Japanese event that I went to is Honolulu International Film Festival. My favorite thing was watching the movie “When Marnie Was There” because the movie was interesting and fun to watch. I learned that Japanese people can create a good movie that is super out of the box meaning out of the ordinary through this event. I want to learn more about this movie because this movie was super interesting and I wanna know how it was made and what is the story behind it. This event showed me that living in a global society requires a lot of information about the other country or another city your talking about so you know what to write about. I would attend this event again because it was interesting to watch a lot of different movies from different places. The event that I participated was at a movie theater. The movie theater smelt like a lot of buttery popcorn. It was very cold and big. The movie theater sounded really loud from the inside because of all of the movies playing that day and outside as how they’re were many people waiting in line to get in the movie theater to watch the movies and there was many many people in the theater. The Honolulu International Film Festival or HIFF has started in 1981. HIFF originally started as a project for the East-West Center. It was an educational and research place created by the congress and started on the University of Hawai`i Manoa campus in Honolulu. In the first year, HIFF was mostly only 7 films that came from 6 different countries. In the first year, there was 5000 audience total. HIFF is a now a big international movie event in Maui, Big Island, and Oahu. HIFF normally happens every year with normally 70,000 viewers that come from Hawaii, mainland and the world. They also have many large companies that sponser them. Some Japanese cultural ideas that are important in this event that happened was that Anna showed

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