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Community Profile: The Forest There is a place in the New Jersey Mountains called The Forest. It’s a quaint town with a population of about 7000. The streets are tree lined with Victorian and bungalow styled homes. Everyone knows each other and looks out for one another. It’s a seemingly safe place to live with a low crime rate and a diverse type of people from all nationalities and races. The center of town has restaurants that serve different ethnic foods. There are no chain retailers as all businesses are unique in their own individual entities. The recreation center serves the community in multiple ways such as a theater for movies and other theatrical events, multiple purpose rooms for fitness classes, arts and craft, dances, educational and job training, and many other attributes. There is a swimming pool, basketball court, in-door tennis and even a skating rink for roller skating in the spring /summer with ice skating in the fall/winter. The main industry in town is a bread factory called Sherm Buns which provides majority of the town revenue. It’s a global corporation that is owned by the members of the community. Each town resident has an opportunity to purchase stock options in the factory which allows the town and the residents to both prosper at the same time. It enhances the town growth and provides a strong sense of community. The factory produces cakes, cookies, snack treats and a variety of different types of breads. It sells to the town bakery and grocery stores, and to other small retailers in several states and Europe. Many of the residences work for the factory, local retailers, and restaurants and others work in businesses in neighboring towns. There are several festivals and events throughout the year in The Forest that is run by different groups and civic organizations in town. The Women’s Club holds a “Wine and Dine”

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