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Community Profile Presentation Spout Springs is a thriving community located in the country in Harnett County. Spout Springs has yet to incorporate itself as a town but the day is coming when it will happen. This community has been growing for the last 10 years. The people who live in this community are military families, country living folk, and farmers. The military family speaks for itself in as much as, either one or both parent are military personnel. If the spouse isn’t military then they will normally be employed in one of the surrounding towns. The country living folks normally are employed in one of the surrounding towns but then there are those who work from home or have their own business. While the farmer’s primary concern is farming, most have to take employment in one of the surrounding towns in order to help make ends meet. The good thing is, the community is in a triangle of three towns, it only takes fifteen to twenty minutes to get to anyone of the surrounding towns. Because the community has grown, they have built schools, churches, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, convent stores, a dance studio, a karate school, hardware store, as well as medical facilities. The community frequents these places so much that they can’t help but to socialize and get to know each other. When the high schools have activities the community gathers for the activities. The responsibilities of the individuals to the community would be to respect the community members and work with them for the good of the community. It’s important to donate time to the community and help when help is needed. With that said it’s also important for the community to respect each individual of the community. As with most communities when an individual is in need it’s important for the community to come together and help that individual. Socially Responsible means that people and

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