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Community Profile Brooklyn, NY ETH/316 January 31, 2013 Community Profile Brooklyn has been for some time, and is currently the most popular city out of all five boroughs. More of the younger crowed is moving to Brooklyn, being that it is cheaper than living in the city of Manhattan. You will find a lot of accessible music venues to explore, a great variety of restaurants, Brooklyn Museum, BAM the Brooklyn Academy of Music, which hosts a large and diverse slate of cultural activities as well as music and film. According to (2012): • Population: 2,538,705 • Males: 1,190,866 (46.9%) • Women: 1,347,839 (53.1) • Median income $41,304 per year * 24% of the people in Brooklyn live in poverty. The type of people who live in the Brooklyn community are people who love the fast lifestyle, art, music fashion and people who are searching to make all of their dreams come true. There are varieties of different races cultures in Brooklyn, according to • White- 854,532 (34.7%) • Black- 848,583 (34.4%) • Hispanic- 487,878 (19.8%) • Asian- 184,291 (7.5%) • Two or more races - 68,688 (2.8%) • Other race- 16,057 (0.7%) • American Indians- 4,494 (0.2%) * Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander- 803 (0.03%) For men in Brooklyn the most common occupation would be: * Building, cleaning and maintenance occupations (4%) * Other office and administrative support and supervisors (4%) * Other management occupations except farmers and farm managers (4%) * Material recording, scheduling, dispatching, and distributing workers (4%) * Other sales and related workers including supervisors (4%) * Computer specialists (4%) * Electrical equipment mechanics and other installation, maintenance, and repair occupations including (3%) The main occupations for woman: •Nursing, psychiatric, and home health

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