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Community Profile Presentation Damond Taylor, Jeffrey Stiles, Robert Bender, Omar De Los Reyes, James Williams ETH/316 September 10, 2013 Timothy Gallemore Community Profile Presentation Community profiling is a very important tactic in studying different areas, national and international. Whether the profile template is on based on the aspect of geographical terms, or confined to the more specifications of a certain cultural community, there is much data to collect about everyday living within a community in any region of the world. What will now be discussed is the analysis of five different U.S. cities located in completely different regions of the nation. The five cities in this paper are Bellevue, Washington; Lake City, Florida; Tucson, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; and Augusta, Maine. The data collected on these five cities will be explained and compared for their similarities as well as their distinctions. Robert Bender: Augusta, Maine Augusta is the state capital of Maine. It was once the Native American village long before the new arrival of the first European colony. Trading and farming was there number one job source. Century’s past from 1607 to the present time, the population has grown to 19,136. There are more women in Augusta at 52.7%, and the men are at 47.3%. The average age is 42.5%. Family of four incomes is 35k a year. Farming is still the number one source of jobs with 89% job marketing. Maine produces 98% of the nation’s low-bush blueberries. Families also derive from apples, potatoes, and vegetables with poultry and eggs right behind blueberries. There are many other jobs in Augusta but farming is what this city thrives on more than any other industry. Banks, tire shops, coffee shops are moving in but at a slow rate. Augusta watches a ton of sports year round with many of the colleges located next to one another, and basketball

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