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City of Aurora and City of Kelsey Community Profile Kelli Raffa, Cheri Griggs, Karina Berreth, Sean Lopez and Luis Romero-cid ETH / 316 September 17, 2013 Patrick W. Tierney City of Aurora and City of Kelsey Community Profile City of Aurora I live in Aurora Colorado, population 339,030, in an ethnically diverse community between Mississippi and Alameda off Peoria. Aurora is comprised of 61% white, 15.7% Black or African American, 28.7% Hispanic, 4.9% Asian and 5.2% two or more races. According to the US Census Bureau 61% own their homes, 20.4% are foreign born. 20.4% speak a language other than English, and there are 21009.9 persons per square mile (2010). The majority of the population is comprised of those in the 25-34 year old range. To be sure, it is an ethnically diverse population. My street alone has several ethnicities. It is not uncommon to see Ethiopian women walking down the street in gauzy shawls and skirts. Nor is it uncommon to see Middle-Eastern men and women in traditional dress. On Saturday night, there may be a neighbor’s party in which the Mexican music is blaring and somewhere in the house a disco ball spinning. The languages are many. My neighbors to the west speak Spanish (from Mexico) and there are so many living in the house I do not know their names. My neighbors on the corner are from El Salvador and the children are the ones in the home who speak English. Fantastic tutors in my continuing efforts to lean Spanish. Across the street, my dear neighbors Robert and Lula, both in their 80’s who survived the depression and WWII, and who have a summer garden that they harvest and can to eat in the winter months. Dave and Amy to the East are younger, hipper, more educated than most on the block. I describe my community as “alive”. Children are known to jump on the trampoline screaming and laughing late on a Sunday night

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