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Over 55 Active Adult Retirement Community There are several adult retirement community located in Las Vegas, Nevada. These communities are for people ages 55 and over. They offer high priced communities and moderate priced communities, and communities that fit every lifestyle and budget. Types of people who live in the community? People who live in adult retirement communities can be retired, handicapped, the gender, age, employment status and current home ownership, age, employment status are just a few of the people who live in these types of communities. Type of work the residents do? School teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, self-employed, retired, accountants, firemen, police officers. Any and all types of work can be found. How and where members of the community interact? Members of the community may interact at club houses, community events, emails, and social gatherings, many have different clubs to join, and activities like movies, and dancing. How would you describe the responsibilities of the individuals to the community? Responsibilities to community are keeping their property and home within the guidelines set forth by the community HOA. To alert neighbors or authorities to criminal activities that may be going on. What are the communities’ responsibilities to the individuals to the community? The community should be held responsible for a safe and healthy, and clean community set forth by rules that the community has adopted in the by-laws. As a member of this community, what do you think it means to be socially responsible? As a member of a 55 and over active adult retirement community socially responsible to me would be to participate in activities, social events, and other things that are part of the community. To also keep my home and yard maintained, and not allow others who visit me to go against any regulations that

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