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Community Profile Socially responsible efforts occur in every community by individuals and organizations. Team C created a profile for the cities our team members live in and compared their efforts. The cities include O’Fallon, MO, West University Place, TX, Round Lake, IL, Milwaukee, WI, and Rockford, IL. People in Communities Looking at the communities the median age was relatively similar and between the ages of 30-40 with a variety of racial, Round Lake, Illinois, is $68,071, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is $34,868. Each of the population. The biggest difference was the median household income for the communities as West University Place, Texas, is $130,721, Rockford, Illinois, is $65,465, O’Fallon, Missouri, is $86,000communities feels a good school district and a safe place to raise a family are the important factors. Careers In each community there are a variety of jobs as some communities consist of fortune 500 companies like Harley-Davidson, Citi, and Northwestern Mutual whereas some of the communities do not have a large enough area to house corporate headquarters. Most of the smaller communities find careers in manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing. Interaction Each member of the community wants nothing more but to see his or her children grow up in a friendly environmental. People involve themselves in their community affairs by volunteering their time at their local library, YMCA, and the local chapter of Boy Scout Club. The favorite places to meet are at his or her local parks, malls, and attractions. Social networks are places each community interacts as support for individuals, assistance to the elderly and less fortunate along with community participation in major events affecting the livelihood of each individual. Individual Responsibilities In comparing the cities and responsibilities of the individuals in the

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