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Community Profile Learning Team C University of Phoenix ETH/316 Professor Barker August 13, 2012 Community Profile Communities are either the same or different in other areas. Comparing the differences and similarities of communities between five individuals may describe how different areas are or how similar each community is. Evaluating the effects of socially responsible efforts in each community will be described of what he or she is doing. Whether each community is different or similar is how each community comes together to reach a common goal. With the group living in different cities within the United States, it’s safe to say that the culture of community can differ, but can also be the same. First place to touch on is off into the pacific North West, Portland, Oregon. Each community brings a different form of socialization and community responsibility. In the New Orleans, Louisiana community members are known for their open and forward approach to other locals and tourist. The community makeup is composed of individuals from low to high income households and the main industries that prevail are customer service and construction. Irving, Texas on the other hand is a community that is composed of medium to high income households and the industries that are more prevalent in this area are corporate businesses where office work is the name of the game. Community members of Portland, Oregon are generally of high or upper class and composed of two parent households. Portland also hosts many financial based industries as well as entrepreneurial businesses. Ten minutes outside of Detroit Michigan, Garden City is home to a community composed of a community that is centralized in the assembly line industry with most residents working for one of the three large companies in the area. Similar to New Orleans the community host events for community members

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