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Community Profile Chino Hills ETH/316 March 26, 2012 Leander Woods Chino Hills October 12, 2011 Chino Hills achieved national recognition as one of America’s Promise Alliance’s 100 Best Communities for Young People presented by ING for its initiatives to help young people. The competition recognizes communities across the country that focus on reducing high school dropout rates and providing service and support to their youth. Chino Hills, a first‐time 100 Best communities, pays special attention to its at‐risk young people with programs that encourage students to live healthy and stay in school. As a California Healthy City, Chino Hills has a committee that helps improve the quality of life for all community members by addressing complex social, physical and environmental health problems. Demographics Chino Hills was incorporated December 1, 1991 with a population of 42,000. As of January 2011 the population stands at 75,345. The size of Chino Hills is 46 square miles with housing units 23,048 (1,378 multi-family) and the median household income $93,332, average household income $106,825. The average household size in Chino Hills is 3.41 with the median age of 36.6. Over 1/3rd of the population is under the age of 18 which is the reason Chino Hills dedicates most money to their program. Chino Hills is also home to a professional workforce. Nearly 41.2% of Chino Hills’ adult residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher and the community ranks among the top 17 Southern California cities in its share of residents employed as scientist, professionals, or managers. Social Responsibility The Chino Hills Community Foundation was formed with a mission to promote and support the cultural, educational, and recreational needs of the City of Chino Hills. This is their social responsibility to us the residents. Events like: Fall Harvest Day, Haunted Hike, Holiday

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