Community Policing In China Essay

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Community Policing in China When you think of Community Policing, you think more on the lines of big cities and people who have large investments in homes and the families in that community. In recent years through many blogs and long sessions in universities in China, they have begin to introduce Community Orientated Policing. China which is a communist country and rules with a very strict moral and civil code could make this seem a little on the odd side. One would wonder how can you make a supressed or a group of people who are told how tro live there lives with strict rituals and codes become more involved in the society and it’s protection. China is a country of many secrets which the western nations and those nations that cherish liberty and freedoms sometimes wonder how they can be so brutal on the nations people. For so many years China has been on the human rights watch list as being very brutal to it’s people. In many issues local citizens would be thrown in prisons without trials for goiing against the leadership or even studying certain religion. China has grown to be a superpower amongst the nations and as it grows it shows they they are trying to change they way some citizens percieve the government and its’ policies. In 2011 a study was published where a university in China polled over 400 college students. The students were introduced to community policing and its philosphy. As China grows in a rate that is unseen so does crime amongst its citizens. China is known to have higher crime rates than some of the major cities in America and they are a communist nation. People in China do not feel safe and as prtected by the regimes and Chinas People’s Armed Police. Citizens are outcrying for help and the government is beginning to listen and see that the old way to comabat crime is not working anymore.

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