Community Policing Essay

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Citizen Involvement with Law Enforcement According to the philosophy of community policing, local police should provide citizens with formal access to the department's decision-and policy-making process. Neighborhood residents are encouraged to voice their concerns to the police, and it is the responsibility of the police to thoughtfully address these concerns (Cordner, 2012). In order to create a safe living and working environment for all, the citizens of a community are able to work alongside its local law enforcement agencies to help provide the best service and protection. “Community Policing” describes a partnership between the Police Department and the residents of a community (Oakland Police Department, 2011). These programs offer many different options in which the citizens of a community can help to identify problems, prioritize concerns and develop solutions which are then implemented collectively. In an attempt establish a good relationship with the community, departments may choose to first gather information from citizens by obtaining their opinions and input. Some methods this information can be attained, but not limited to, are by having officers visit residents door to door, send out surveys via mail and/or e-mail, and by holding (frequent) block meetings. This helps to establish a good rapport and trust as well as makes it so the department becomes more personable to the public. The information gathered from these means of community outreach help identify problems that may have been previously overlooked and gives the department the opportunity to better organize, prioritize and address issues (more important to the public). This, too, creates a symbiotic relationship between the community and the police. Now realizing the (specific) concerns of the community, a police department can now better educate the community on how to better

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