Community Policing Essay

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Community-oriented policing is a philosophy that combines traditional aspects of law enforcement with prevention measures, problem-solving, community engagement, and community partnerships. It promotes an effective community-criminal justice partnership which addresses the causes of crime, other community issues, and finding ways to solve them. The goal of community-oriented policing is to examine characteristic issues of a community/neighborhood and establish collaborative relationships with the community to prevent and resolve problems. There are two elements of community-oriented policing. The first element is community partnerships. Community partnerships are done between criminal justice agencies/personnel and community members. They include elected, sworn, civilian, public housing, mental health, local businesses, professional groups, neighborhood leaders, and academic representatives. The second element of community-oriented policing is problem solving. The partnership can develop short-term and long-term goals to address local community problems. This is a way for officers to get involved in finding out what causes crime and disorder, and attempt to creatively solve problems in their assigned communities. The officer must develop a network of personal contacts inside and outside their departments. The Neighborhood Watch program would be an example of a community partnership. The National Sheriffs’ Association started the Neighborhood Watch program in 1972 as a way to lower crime rates. Since the 1980s, the Neighborhood Watch has grown in popularity and is now familiar to most people. The Neighborhood Watch Program teaches residents how to help themselves by identifying and reporting suspicious activity. Most groups concentrate on observation and awareness as the primary means of preventing crime. Some groups even assign individuals to

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