Community Policing Essay

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Community policing - chapter 5 11/30/13 In my opinion, Community policing today involves the police collaborating with the community to address public safety issues and improve the quality of life. Police and the community work together to identify problems and to respond to community concerns and needs. These are the efforts that help build the communities trust, police departments efforts should focus on being proactive instead of reactive. This includes taking steps to cultivate trusting partnerships in good times, instead of just during a crisis. It also involves looking at the problems from a holistic perspective and analyzing them to identify trends. At the same time, these efforts do not diminish the ability of the police to pursue enforcement efforts to resolve public safety problems. Enforcement is an important tool in community policing. Leadership has been essential to implementing community policing. It is important for community policing values to be well articulated and for community policing behaviors to be continuously modeled throughout the entire department. Leadership means allowing staff members within the agency to become leaders within their own ranks and divisions and encouraging their professional development through continuing education, cross training and networking opportunities. What about accountability and transparency within the community, local government and the police departments. The implementation of community policing has required a transformation within police departments to support the philosophy. These efforts include empowering officers and holding supervisors accountable for work within specific neighborhoods, In order for officers to do this they must receive appropriate training in areas such as problem solving

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