Community Policing Essay

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1. In a Community Oriented Policing environment, it is important for officers engage in community building. Explain the elements of community organizing and various obstacles police may face in attempting to do so. (Thurman & McGarrell, pages 96 – 101) Thurman and McGarrell explain that community organizing is planned attempts to alter neighborhood interactional patterns in order to make communities stronger and to solve community problems. One of the elements of community organizing is the locality development, which is known as an attempt to create new, problem-solving people such as board committees and councils within that community. Locality development is usually assisted by nonlocal organizations. Another element is coordinated planning, which is the most common strategy for community organizing. Coordinated planning mostly focuses on nonlocal resources, expertise, on a single issue or addresses several problems together. The last element is social action, which is the organizing strategy that recognizes the dramatic community change. Social action organizers view communities as products of local and nonlocal forces, and assume that both dimensions are affected. Unlike locality development and coordinated planning, social action is based on effecting change, and conflicts will occur. Examples such as strikes, demonstrations, and picketing are important parts of the social action strategy. As police agencies try to engage in any community events in crime prevention and public safety, they face several obstacles. One of the obstacles is police and coordinated planning, such as the DARE program, and neighborhood watch. Disappointing results from police and coordinated planning have always come up in evaluation studies. When planning comes together, resources are available through planning and usually more effective. The other obstacle is

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