Community Policing Essay

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Community Policing Failure from Administrations Failure to Properly Fund Programs Running Head, Community Policing Funding Failure Charles E. Klughart June 24, 2013 Liberty University Online Fall 2012 CJUS 300-B01 LUO Instructor, Professor Larry Wine Abstract One of the issues that face America and most other nations today, the lack of funding for policing and especially community policing along with other program, community policing will be defined, and then good examples of how real community policing can work first from a Biblical context, then a rural view point and finally a national system. Then the issues, that Administrators or Police Chiefs must go though in the funding for their departments will be discussed, and the choices that have lead to failures of community policing, and police departments as a whole. Some of the major factors, such as the moral and political split of American and the lack of tax dollars will be looked at as reasons for the failures. Suggestions for future improvements will be made in conclusion. I. Introduction Police in one form or another has been with us from almost the first of recorded history. With any society, there are laws and rules, and has to be those in charge that enforce them. Today in America there has been a trend in the last few decades to move to a more community style police system. This has failed for many reasons but I will address one of the current and to me major issues, the funding. This is an important factor, since without funding, the actual projects can not even be done. II. Community Specific Policing A. Define community policing Community Policing is defined by the U.S. Department of Justice in their COPS program as

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