Community Policing Essay

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The Albany Police Department’s mission since approximately 1994 has been the implementation of Community Policing within the Department. As we are all aware, Community Policing was first brought to the forefront of the public’s attention with the election of Mayor Whalen in the mid 1980’s, and made strides throughout his tenure but gained formal attention with the election of Mayor Jerry Jennings in 1994. Since that time, Community policing has been a type of “work-in-progress”, changing and deviating from it’s original model ever so slightly with the ebb-and-flow of democratic politics and changing political hands of the city. The original mode of operational change set into place to implement Community Policing around the decentralized citywide force was a four tier model, focusing on the relationship to the environment, Operations, Administrative Systems, and Management. A major coupe for the Jennings administration was the (if only slight) re-centralization of the department. Obviously with regards to the Police Department and it’s relationship to its environment, significant strides have been made. The major difference is in the political system and the power structure controlling the department. Whereas the department used to be run by the “Democratic Machine”, there has been a steady improvement in the reallocation of power and control, leading to the current system under which the Mayor, who is still the central authority figure, relies heavily upon his upper management ranks in the department, and input from various Neighborhood Associations and groups. It has resulted in a system where the residents of the city have a voice, and feel as though they are being heard. At the time the National Cops Evaluation was done, the APD’s community policing efforts with regards to Operations had not made much progress. The fall back “excuse” was that the

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