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Community Policing and IT 2012 Anatoliy Bystrov Community Policing 3/18/2012 Today we live in the world of technology. If we take a step back and take a look around us, then we can see that computers are everywhere. Computers are running our lives and we are attached to them more and more each day. We use computers daily, some as leisure, some as part of their job. Even our cell phones have compatibilities of small computers. Just within last decade information technology took a huge step in progress. Because of such progress, police had the urge to adopt the technology to stay in step with time. ‘Law enforcement agencies are expected to have and utilize the finest technology available to conduct investigations, protect citizens, respond to crises and prevent crimes (Johnston, 2007). Garicano and Heaton (2007) indicated that information technology can enhance effectiveness in police work, when it is integrated with certain organizational practices which are adopted to take benefits of data availability. Information technology offers a tool to help police to achieve its wider and increasingly multifaceted tasks. Colvin and Goh (2005) emphasize that information technology has considerable effect on performance of police work. Ultimately, it can be said that if police officers accept information technology, it can increase their performance and value (Gottschalk & Holgersson, 2006). For that reason, it is essential to learn that how much information technology is effective for a police force.” (Retrieved from for Community Policing on 03/18/12) Use of computers and information technology is a necessity in community policing. Without that technology on hand it would be extremely hard for officers to provide high quality of service to the public. To start with computers in patrol vehicle, just a few years ago an officer would have

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