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Community Policing At a time of economic crisis, joblessness and homelessness, in addition to the many other damnable factors plaguing the minds of many fellow Americans, it is essential that police departments across this nation provide the highest quality of police services through varies community oriented policing projects and not merely arrests. Community policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies in which supports the use of partnerships and problem solving techniques to proactively engage in the deterrence against crime. Further, it is a philosophy with a primary goal at making the community and the police allies or partners in the war against crime(The Police and the Community, pg 35). Because of such essentiality, the Chicago Police Department has perpetuated the philosophy of community policing through their renowned, well established C.A.P.S. program. The Chicago Police Department is a department comprised of over 13,500 dutiful sworn members; it was assimilated back in1837 with the intention to protect and preserve law and order within the cities 237 sq. miles. The brave men and woman of the Chicago Police Department are dedicated to serving all 2,836,659 of its citizens by forming partnerships and bridging gap’s that would potentially perpetuate the pandemonium of crime. As a result of such dedication, the Chicago Police Department has implemented a prestigious community policing program known as the Community Alternative Policing Strategy or C.A.P.S.. “C.A.P.S” is an initiative designed to improve police effectiveness by identifying and prioritizing problems and working with the community along with other governmental entities to solve them; it is a program that calls for ALL governmental municipalities to engage. To that end, this program gives police officers quick access to other city agencies so that those hazardous and

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