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Community Policing Vilma Pena CJE2640 January 23, 2013 Community Policing In 1829 in England, Sir Robert Peel stated: “The police are the public and the public are the police.”(Bennett, Hess, Byram: Crime Scene Dynamics 1&2, 2007) The community and police have to work together as one. This is a strategy aimed at accomplishing more powerful and competent crime control, reduce fear of crime and improve quality of our lives. Our police and the community need to have a good relationship with one another. Citizens can help out with an investigation. The community provides the most important information in a case. The community relies on the police department to protect and serve. The police depend also on the community. Communication is very important between both the police and the community. We have many citizens that do not trust the police. Police leaders need to show or tell the community how police officers are held responsible for their misconduct and other wrong doings they do. The police rely on the community for information, with that the community wants more. The community wants to be more. The community wants to have input on how many situations are being governed and policed. Creating a neighborhood watch program is a way for the community to assist or help police with finding the solution with crime. Police and the community need to work together to distinguish trouble and to react to the community worries and necessities. Doing all these efforts will build the communities trust towards the police, police leaders and the government. Police should concentrate in being co-active with community and the citizens. Police are known to be proactive and reactive, but it seems that this in not working properly. If community policing would be taken serious it would really have an impact on crime reduction. Community policing offers a promise

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