Community Policing Essay

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Community police officers become part of their neighborhoods. They join with residents to get to know each other as partners discuss community concerns, create a safer neighborhood. Community policing involves teamwork and commitment. Community police officers and citizens grow to depend on each other. Each helps with looking after the community, which helps keep the crime down. A community officer works with their residents to solve problems that might occur in the neighborhood. Officers teach the people of the community how to prevent crime. Put people in touch with social services that could help them with certain problems. Working with young people to show them how to avoid violence, gangs, and using drugs. Community policing benefits everyone, when residents and officers become partners. With community policing, citizens can more easily voice concerns and officers are dedicated to listening. Residents get a clearer idea of the pressure and issues officers deal with everyday. Officers and residents can work together in deciding law enforcement goals. Community policing helps break the pattern of deterioration and fear. It helps residents “take back the streets”, they feel more confident and re more willing to get involved. They also feel a sense of pride that they have worked with community police officers and each other to create a safe neighborhood. Community policing could be very helpful to a community that has a high crime rate. If the people with in the community is willing to help and take over their community instead of letting the drug dealers and crack heads do whatever they please. It could be a lot of rebuilding, meaning people stop being scared of coming forth because how someone might look at them. Now a day’s people are so scared of what their peers would say or do that they start to question their selves. I personally wouldn’t care what

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