Community Policing Essay

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When living in a country comprised of a variety of races, one might think that acceptance and the freedom to live free of discrimination, especially by law enforcement officials, should be automatically granted. A society of different individuals allows the realization that a specific race is not the only one inhabiting this world and that other races are here for the same reason. Yet this is not the case with the majority of the population today. Racism is one of the unfortunate social ills that is plaguing today's society and generating corruption as far as the eye can see. To further this social contamination, some of the community's personnel "dedicated" to law and order are playing with the lives of many citizens, only to gain a more egotistical attitude towards their position in society. Racial bias and discrimination are existent in the minds of many individuals, some of whom may have, if it is at all possible, a justification for such thoughts. However, when it comes to the protection and justice of a society, race should not even be an issue. The criminal justice system of today fuels it's flame of democracy with decisions influenced by a certain individual's race and stature in society, and allows these preconceptions to be the basis of such decisions. Whether it is the black male motorist being pulled over with no probable cause, or the racially spurred brutalizing by the police, racism prevails in the world of criminal justice. More so, racism is embedded within the police subculture and is practiced every single day within the procedures that are set out by the police. Increased patrolling in ethnically marginalized neighborhoods and more frequent ride checks are just an example of how the police utilize this embedded sense of racism within their daily practices which are then exercised within community policing. Furthermore, this embedded racism within

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