Community Policing Essay

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Around the 1980s community policing was the word in the police circle, which replace the term like police community relations, team police and problem oriented policing. However, to date, community policing is still an illusive term meaning different programs and approaches to different police department (`crirxf/comsiderations.htm). Community Policing evolved from a desperate shout from the public for law enforcement hears their needs for a stationary presence in high crime areas. While some officers practice traditional motorized patrol, consistent with Reform Era practices, other officers are encouraged to engage in proactive problem solving and foster improved community relations. They have greatly improved the quality of police services in our country, as well as the public understands of this complex profession. Community Policing Philosophy as we come into the twenty-first century, communities are differing then before. In the 1990s police officer was using the traditional approach throughout the United States. During this time, a burst of new ideas and changes in the political and economic structure began to occur that would eventually bring about a new kind of police officer. In this changing environment, police leaders felt the need to reflect on these problems and their overall image with the public. In their attempts to understand what was going wrong, many studies and experiments were on going. Many police department are pushing more toward community policing and other departments still like using the traditional approach. Both traditional police and community have their disadvantages and advantages. Community policing is the new trend in policing while traditional policing less expensive and takes minimal time to implement compared to community policing. Community policing is the philosophy of policing because this help police and

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