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Community Paper Everyone has a hometown, a place that they were born or to some where they might have grown up. The town I grew up in is called Apison Tennessee, a small farm town on the out skirts of Chattanooga Tennessee. The population is around 3,730 people (Zip Code Database, 2012). Most people are hardworking, honest and will give the shirt of their back if they thought someone needed it. It’s a small little place that I will always call home, because it is where my heart really resides. The people of Apison all have different jobs, but more than a few still have some sort of farm. Take my family for instance; my dad is an engineer for McKee Foods, while my mom works at The University of Phoenix as an enrollment consoler, and myself who works in a lumber yard. Even in my little family there is a huge difference in jobs and we are only three. My neighbors are retired and have a few cattle they keep, while my other neighbors are the owners of NABCO electric. The community has really changed in last ten years. When I was little the community was quite a bit smaller and most of the people lived on farms or had land with them, but then land developers saw the money in the subdivisions and began building subdivisions all around. The population spiked after the houses started being built. One thing Apison lacks is festivals or community picnics. Most people keep to themselves unless it is with neighbors. There are a couple small churches that on a Sunday morning will be packed out, that is about the most interaction the people have with others beside their neighbors. On certain occasions the community will rise together and show their unity. One of those times was after the April 27th storms of 2011. Apison was devastated by several EF-4 and EF-5 tornados, killing several people in just a few short minutes. After the tornados the community rose up from the ruble

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