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Community Outreach Reflection For my Community Outreach, I chose the Street Hope ministry here at Southwestern Assemblies of God. The ministry description, “Reaching out and loving the physically and spiritually hungry of South Dallas through a food program and street evangelism”, was of interest to me as I have been thinking about volunteering in a program focused on helping the homeless. My goal for participating in the outreach ministry was to meaningfully impact the lives of the people I was helping to minister. I also wanted to grow personally in an area that would help me discover other ways of ministering to others in need. There were approximately 84 people that came on Friday, March 22nd, so I had the opportunity to engage in brief conversation between greeting, serving tea and after the meal with several of them. With my busy work and school schedule my down time is minimal so it was good to play a couple of games of Uno with a group of people. As we were playing a couple of people shared their feelings of being distant from their families and friends. Some talked about how their life was before their current situation, their…show more content…
This experience showed me that no matter how different our life situations are, we all share the same prayer needs for the fruit of the spirit and longing for God’s love whether salvation has or has not been accepted. I am thankful for my past anxiety being recreated in the small setting as it showed me that it’s not the setting I should be concerned about, rather praying for the person as I cannot control the setting. I can control my confidence and be willing and ready to pray when needed Earlier this month, I was a Prayer Counselor at church and it was a great feeling to as I had no anxiety when praying for everyone that came to

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