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Community Needs Assessment Paper: Nevada Sabrina DeVille Liberty University February 11, 2012 Abstract Today’s counselors must move past the traditional one on one counseling concept and learn to integrate all aspects of clients life including developing community resources necessary to enhance an individual’s mental health. “In this regard, Conyre(1987) reports that though 43 million adults in the Unity States are diagnoses with some form of mental or emotional problem, both public and private mental health care systems can serve only about 7 million clients each year” (as cited in Lewis, Lewis, Daniels & D’Andrea, 2003, p. 176). This paper will focus on the mental health needs of Las Vegas, Nevada and it surrounding counties. Furthermore, topics discussed will include climate, population, culture breakdown, unique aspects of the state of Nevada, mental health laws and organizations designated to provide mental health services. Moreover, the major emphasis of the paper will be on identifying unmet needs teenage girls age range 13-18 that are pregnant, drop out of school, homeless and use prostitution as a way to survive. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2012) state “In 2009, a total of 409,840 infants were born to 15−19 year olds, for a live birth rate of 39.1 per 1,000 women in this age group”. It is critical that counselors understand that counseling does not just take place in the office but occurs and happens in the client social environment. Therefore community programs need to be in place that is beneficial to the client. Key words: Community needs, prostitution, teenage pregnancy, homelessness, mental health Community Needs Assessment Paper Counselors that are well rounded understand the needs of the client and their community is at a better advantage to meet all the needs of the client and will impact the community as a whole

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