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I attended a community meeting at the New Jersey Hospital Employee Health Nurses Association on February 22, 2013. I participated as an observer with permission. The topic of the meeting was ‘Healthcare Worker Fatigue and Patient Safety’ and the participants were; Employee and Occupational Health Nurses, department managers, nursing managers, risk managers, and staff nurses. The main goal of the meeting was for the participants to review the evidence of nurse fatigue, hours worked, and patient safety in health care facilities throughout the New Jersey area and also to find any positive solutions after discussing the issues. The reason why I picked this group meeting and was involved in it is because the issue of nurses’ fatigue has become a popular topic for discussion most recently as it relates to patient safety and nurse well-being. Nursing can be a physically and emotionally draining profession. Nurses work long hours with all types of patients. Due to the high paced environment of nursing, a lot of nurses might experience, “fatigue and decreased alertness resulting from insufficient or poor quality sleep can have several safety-related consequences, including slowed reaction time, reduced vigilance, reduced decision-making ability, poor judgment, and distraction during complex tasks, and loss of awareness in critical situations” (Lerman et al, 2012). And as much as nurses think they are invincible, the fact is, they need the rest in order to give their patients the highest quality care possible. Longer shift lengths and hours worked per week were associated with an increase in physical and total fatigue levels. Mental, physical and total fatigue levels also differed with shift schedule. Statistically, significant negative correlations were evident between perceived levels of fatigue and performance across all fatigue dimensions and states (Barker&

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