Community Influenced Essay

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People may be surprised to know that I run marathons and founded a club to encourage running. I believe that running is the most economical and sustainable way to stay fit in today’s fast-paced world. For most of my neighbors in Atlanta, running has always been a personal activity rather than a group one. However, I have always felt strongly that there is nothing better than a group to get people motivated. Hence, I decided to establish a club to bring together like-minded people who have a passion for running. Despite poor enrollment in the first few months, its membership has increased to more than 50 in the last one year. Initially, some of my neighbors were apprehensive. However, I constantly reinforced the idea of group running and tried hard to sell this idea by demonstrating its various benefits. Eventually people started realizing the benefits and appreciated the club’s value. This club is now the most active club in my neighborhood. The science of running is complex and varies from person to person. I have always motivated the experienced runners in the club to share their knowledge of racing, training, and dieting with runners who share similar passions or who are developing an interest for a particular type of running race (e.g. sprint, half-marathon, marathon). In the last marathon in Atlanta, more than half of the club’s members participated and six of them finished toward the leaders. I also improved my own performance, finishing 320th out of more than 50,000 participants; in my previous two attempts I was barely able to finish the race in time! I recently organized a 10 mile race for people in my neighborhood. Getting 300+ people to participate in a running event on a Sunday evening during NBA season is one of my most notable personal achievements! At Kellogg, I hope to meet and interact with classmates and faculty members while running on the

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