Community In a Diverse Society Essay

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Communications and Organizations COMM 3004 Community in a Diverse Society By Mei Yen SCENARIO Families of high-rank managers and temporary workers of the work-unit loved in the same neighborhood; members of different households interacted with each other from dawn to midnight almost anywhere. Community combined these residential and professional lives (Walder, 1986) and members identified each other as neighbors and colleagues, as well as close friends. Through the work-unit-based neighborhoods, danwei in socialist China provided everything from basic necessities to community life for its members (Lu & Perry, 1997). It stood at the center of community formation and had amazingly successful means of community organization. With no real market in housing at the tie, people could not readily escape a deteriorating neighborhood or move upward to live with a better class people. The resulting urban neighborhoods tended to be heterogeneous in social status while large areas might be somewhat seedy or run-down, the development of true slums and squatter areas was generally prevented. Things began to change during the dramatic post-socialist reform period in the late 1980’s. The communist beliefs in absolute equality were no longer cherished. Work-units lost the power to decide that all its employees should live in the same neighborhood and people should enjoy the free to pick their own home locations. In consequence, world-unit neighborhoods have disappeared gradually in Urban China. Fierce competitions, the emergence of inequality and sharp social stratification have shaped the Chinese way of urban life in this new era. Today, people work in hierarchical structures under pressure and live in neighborhoods, in accordance with their economic abilities where they hardly make any social contact with each other. In the prosperous urban sites of today’s China,

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