Community Health Nursing Hat Task 1 Essay

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Hancock County, Ohio Community Assessment Community Health Nursing HAT Task 1 A Healthy Community provides for an individual and community through all stages of life. This paper reflects the community of Hancock County, Ohio from a variety of sources that include resident self-report, visual drive through community and surrounding areas; U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. County Health Rankings, interviews and correspondence with key county individuals, and research related specific to Hancock County. Hancock County is one of eighty-eight counties in the state of Ohio. It is in the northwestern part of Ohio and is bordered by Wood County to the north, Seneca and Wyandot Counties to the east, Hardin County to the south, and Allen and Putnam Counties to the west. Hancock County is located in the Findlay metro area with a 2010 population of 74,782, with a projected 76,910 in 2020, and 79,040 in 2030. Hancock County has an area of 341,561 acres, or about 534 square miles with a population density of over one-hundred-forty per square mile. Findlay, the county seat, is located near the center of the county with a population in 2010 of 41,201. (1) (2) Hancock County Land Use/Land Cover breakdown: Urban or built-up land makes up about 11% of the county which includes residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, and urban grasses; cropland accounts for 80.34%; pasture 4.92%; and forest 6.61%. Based on this data it is evident that most of the county is used for agriculture. The main economic support to the area is grain farming that is complemented with some livestock and dairy businesses. Manufacturing is the largest source of employment in the county. The service and retail trade commerce provides vital sources of employment for the county. Even with the present-day economic dependence on industry and manufacturing, Hancock County still relies heavily on the

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