Community Health Nursing Essay

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COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING TASK 2 C. M. F. Western Governors University Personal perceptions about quality of life Caring for a dying patient can be one of two things, very frightening and intimidating or it can be an honor and privilege. For me it is definitely an honor and privilege. I view the process of dying as a part of life and we are all created in Gods image. Every person deserves to be cared for with love, respect, and human dignity. I was taught from a very young age to always treat and serve others as if you were in the presents of God. Because a person is terminal, it does not mean you cannot laugh with them or cry with them, it means they need someone to be there with them. My faith in God and the life there after guides me in my daily life. I firmly believe in life after death and that we will all meet our maker and be asked the question “why should I let you into my heaven?” Not everyone believes what I believe, but it is what guides me in my daily life. I strive to show compassion, love, and understanding and not to judge others or be offended by a person’s anger or frustration when they are experiencing some kind of personal suffering. I believe everyone deserves to have his or her hand held or forehead stroked when dying. They deserve to be treated with respect, compassion, and kept comfortable, clean, and pain free. Care involves the whole family and answering their questions and acknowledging their grief. I try to encourage open conversation and to use the time available as a sharing opportunity. My faith molds me into the person I am; a nurse who loves life to its fullest but understands death as a major process of life. Dying patients and their families need to be provided with the tools necessary in order to navigate the most difficult time in their lives. It is very important to understand that you are not only dealing with the dying
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