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Community Health Department Investigation Alina Astacio SC300-20 9/2/2012 Kaplan University Community Health Department Investigation The Director of the Community Health Department has requested the Health Department Investigative Staff determine whether there is a health problem in the community, due to a mysterious pattern of student absences at some local middle schools in the area. 1. Is there a common reason for the absences? Based on the data provided on absences, we can clearly see a spike in absences on May 20 and 21 in both Truman and Jackson Middle Schools; all other schools had consistently normal absentee rates. The absences in Truman M.S. and Jackson M.S. were isolated to the 7th grade band classes. Announcements in the Truman school site, warns of exposure to mosquitos carrying West Nile Virus. We can confidently rule out West Nile Virus, since no children or anyone from the area or state has reportedly been, at the least, hospitalized for symptoms resembling, West Nile Virus; the absentee rate returns to normal within 2-3 days for both schools According to the student attendance and calendar data provided, the common reason for the absences of the band students of Truman and Jackson M.S. was participation in the “Battle of the Bands “competition on May 19th,; a day before the high rate of absences, which began on May 20th. None of the other schools, nor other classes in the school or within the 7th grade showed such a large and significant spike in absences for those days, or at all, in the attendance data provided. 2. Two testable clear Hypothesis’s 1. The band students were suffering from a flu or virus which was contracted due to close contact with an infected person(s); they have since appeared to have fully recovered and attendance has normalized after 72 hours. 18 student’s parents were

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