Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing (Vwt1) Essay

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Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing Emilie M. Reid, RN Western Governors University Master of Science, Nursing Leadership and Management (RN to MSN) Mentor Name: Terri Amos Task One, C228 Community Assessment The community I have identified is Richmond (City) Virginia. Richmond is broken into two areas: Richmond City and Richmond County. I will be focusing my research on Richmond city. Richmond city is an urban environment, ranking in 2013 as the nation’s 44th largest metropolitan area (Greater Richmond, n.d.). In 2010, the community had 204,214 residents was expected to reach 941, 278 residents in 2015 (US Census Bureau, 2015). The average Richmond City resident is 38 years old with a fairly even distribution of males and females. About 63% or Richmond residents are Caucasian, 30% African American, 3% Asian, and 4% deemed other. The majority of residents in this community speak English while the second most predominant is Spanish. 7.2% of residents are foreign born. The median household income is $57,000 with nearly 56% of the population in the prime working age range. For residents older than 25 years old, 81.3% have graduated high school, 34.6% have a bachelor’s degree and 13.5% have earned a graduate or professional degree. When compared to the surrounding areas of Chesterfield, Richmond County and Henrico, Richmond city ranks highest in income inequality, violent crimes and unemployment, while it ranks lowest for high school graduates (Health Rankings, 2015). However, Richmond ranked second among "America's Top 5 Cities to Keep on Your Radar," by Ray Daudani, a reporter for News 12 On Your Side. reports that in Richmond (City) Virginia, there are about 15,141 businesses and 25.6% of the residents are living below the poverty level (Community Facts, n.d.). The main hospital systems servicing the area are
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