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Emerging Issues in Public Health Insert your name Course Professor name Date Public health seeks to protect and improve the community health. This is done by addressing health issues that affect the population. In the recent past, there has been emerging issues in public health that both affects current and the future trends in public health. These issues are explored in depth by three articles namely CDC, USDA food safety and prevention and ATSDR. These issues include emerging diseases and prevention, concerns in food safety, toxic substances among many others. According to CDC article, (2005) Emerging water and infectious disease as presented in the CDC article, creates a unique challenge in the current and future trends of public health. Re-emerging of pathogens in drinking water has become major priority in many national organizations. This is because infectious; water related diseases have been a major cause of mortality and morbidity. Newly-recognized strains and pathogens that have been discovered, present important challenges to current and future trends of public health The article by USDA on food safety and inspection also provides astonishing findings on the emerging issues that concern food safety. Some of the issues that are presented include melamine, Nano-tech in food, dioxins in Irish pork, listeria among many more. For example, Nano-tech food could potentially transform everyday life, but also there has been a concern on whether Nano-technology application is safe. Public health tries to ensure that nation’s commercial supply of food stuff is safe for human consumption. All these food emerging issues can very adversely affect both current and future trends of public health. Satin, M. (2008). The last article, ATSDR, is concerned with toxic substance emerging issues. Toxic substances that are mostly viewed include

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