Community Emergency Preparedness Essay

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Community Emergency Preparedness Paper NUR 408 October 3, 2011 Pamela Orr, RN, BSN, MsPH Community emergency preparedness means that a community should have a contingency plan which includes warning and evacuation systems to respond to any disaster that occurs. This paper discusses community emergency preparedness and response in a neighborhood from episode five of season two from The Nursing Neighborhood, an interactive program. This paper will examine the events in this episode, the response from health care workers, identify other public agencies that could have participated in the emergency, how public health care workers can enhance the preparedness of its citizens, and possible suggestions for personal preparedness in response to this and other emergencies. The Nursing Neighborhood is a community with a population of 64,200 residents. It is located near a forest and a river bank. A forest fire has been raging for more than five days and spreading toward the town. The firefighters are struggling to contain the fire. Health care workers are faced with an increase in breathing problems from the residents who have had pre-existing lung disorders or diseases. City officials have warned residents to stay indoors because of the risks associated from the excessive smoke in the air. Residents have also being told by city officials that they are not in direct danger from the fire and will be notified in advance if the fire shifts toward the town. The middle school is hosting the annual Science fair. Students have been encouraged to participate with projects from everyday to theoretical applications. Prizes will be awarded to the best with the possibility of entry into higher-leveled regional, statewide or national science fairs. One of the families in the neighborhood is the Bleys. They have been married for over 56 years and

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