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Community Corrections Paper CJS/2230 August 12, 2012 In this paper, I will be discussing how community corrections affect society. I have also come up with an hypotheses about community corrections and their overall effectiveness in the corrections system. I will describe prison systems in foreign countries, as well as how other nations view and practice imprisonment. Also I will discuss what might happen here in the United States prison systems if we adopted foreign prison systems. In conclusion, I will give my thoughts and ideas on the type of community corrections to implement in our community. A community correction is supervising felons when they are released from jail or prison, this is also known as probation or parole. A lot of people believe that when a person commits a crime, then he or she will be removed from society and placed in a correctional institution.(Foster, Burk 2006). Individuals that are placed on probation, they sort of get a second chance to make there wrongs right in society. Community corrections vary depending on the location and were originally decentralized under the control of local courts. (Foster, Burk 2006). Subsidized by the state, alternatives to prison are either state run programs or county run programs. There are positive and negative effects that community corrections have on society in a number of ways. Probation has a positive effect because it cuts down the amount of inmates; food used, and will save the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, the negative effects are that no matter the rules or consequences some people do not care if they go back to jail or prison. The overall effectiveness of a community’s corrections, in this hypothesis, is lacking as it tries to steer probationers away from alcohol and drugs. Detoxification drinks, sold at any pharmacy, can help urinalysis tests

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