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Community Corrections U02a1 Role of Community Corrections PSF5371 Practices of Probation, Parole and Community Corrections Capella University Marvin Minney The purpose of this paper is to discuss community corrections and what role it plays with the criminal justice system. This paper will go into the mission, goals and objectives of community corrections as a substitute to the normal institutional corrections. How community correction fits into the criminal justice system will be addressed in this paper. A look at sentencing, sanctions, re-entry and recidivism and how it’s connected to the role of community corrections will be researched and added to this paper. The part of the criminal justice system that deals with punishment and rehabilitation that is connected to community corrections this paper will talk about. This paper will conclude with this writer describing a community correction program within the state he resides and that’s Jersey. Community Corrections as alternative to Institutional Corrections In order to figure out, know and understand what the role of community corrections is within the criminal justice system, we need to first describe and explain what community corrections are. Community corrections are sanctions imposed on convicted adults or judged juveniles that will take place or occur in a residential or community setting that’s outside of jail, prison or any other form of detainment ( Usually these different forms of community corrections are prescribed and obligatory through different forms of agencies or the courts that possess legal power and right over that offending adult or juvenile. Most of these community correction programs are functioned through either probation or parole agencies. To name a few different forms of community corrections, here is a small list: pretrial release

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